World Greyhound Racing Federation

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Greyhound racing is a systemized, vying sport. In this, greyhounds are raced along a track against each other. Two types of greyhound racing exist, which is an oval track racing and coursing. In this, the arena uses an artificial entice to make the dog's chase the same. It travels ahead of the dogs on a rail until the Greyhounds reach the last stop. Whereas in coursing, the greyhounds chase a stuffed wheedle.

Greyhound racing

The World Greyhound Racing Federation (WGRF) was formed in 1969. It is an amalgam of countries in which greyhound racing operates throughout the world. The World Greyhound Racing Federation is a non-regulatory body. This means it does not administer, direct or control greyhound racing. nor operate.

The WGRF acts as an international forum for the interchange of information and new technology. We even share other developments to improve greyhound racing globally. Besides, our organization has even adopted the preceding statement as its international charter.